Top 3 Instagram Feed Planning Apps

In light of the new VSCO update, I wanted to share with you all the best apps that help give users a visual of their Instagram grids. I know a lot of people have used VSCOcam, as most use the provided filters in the app, so it’s quite effortless to play around in the grid and get an orientation of your liking. I, personally, was bothered by the black background and inability to “drag and drop”, so I started researching alternatives months ago.

Here are the top three I’ve used:



$8.99 a month for 1 account and up to 150 posts a month

I consider this app as the best all around for bloggers and business owners. Its abundant in features and the pricing plans beat Latergramme or Later by a long shot. I love how simplified everything is and the online platform is an absolute lifesaver. Yep! You can post pictures via your computer, too. Download Planoly here. View additional packages and pricing for multiple accounts/users here.


An awesome, simple aesthetic
Provides analytics whereas the other two apps do not
Gives you the ability to read and reply to comments within the app
Allows you to schedule posts
Pre-write picture captions
Can be accessed via app AND online platform
Shows a calendar view of each post you’ve made over the last month (including date and time)
Loads your previous photos so you don’t have to add them manually
In app “grid feature” that allows you take 1 photo and manipulate into separate posts
Multiple account option
Drag and drop pictures for effortless rearranging


Monthly fee
Takes a little time to figure out as there are a lot of features


$0.99 one time fee

This is an app you should use solely for aesthetic purposes. I’d like to thank Sarah Loven of ReadyGypsetGo for this recommendation. If you dont post enough to benefit from scheduled posts and pre-writing captions, this is the best application for you. I’d say this would be the perfect general use platform for any type of user. I have this downloaded as a back up for my Planoly app since the grid layout allows me to plop a photo in quickly, one at a time. Download Snug here.


Can switch between multiple accounts
Drag and drop pictures for effortless rearranging
Automatically loads Instagram feed


If you switch to another account, theres no way to save your work
No scheduling
Cannot pre-write picture captions
No online platform


Best option
Completely FREE

I wanted to include this app because it was the first I used and because, unlike the other two apps, its completely free. This is a great app to get you familiar with scheduling posts and writing out captions. I grew out of this one and needed something a little bit more in depth, but I would definitely choose this one over Snug if I had a lot of content to plan out. Download UNUM here.


Allows you to schedule posts
Pre-write picture captions
In app photo editor
Offers tiled photo feature
Rearrange photos
You can schedule reminders for morning, midday, and evening
Very user friendly / has easy tutorials and tips
Light mode and dark mode (white background and black background)
Ability to change accent colors within app
Multiple accounts


The borders in between your already posted Instagram pictures look kinda funky
No online platform

I hope this was helpful you guys! You can stop cursing VSCO for their puny update and move on to bigger and better things. On the plus side, ALL of these apps have an identical background to Instagram. Meaning: its white! VSCO had a black background, so hopefully whichever app you choose will be a more precise measurement of how your Instagram feed will look in real time. 🙂 Please comment below and let me know which application you prefer!


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